The magic world of love 

The song lyrics ask, what is the colour of love? 

Love between people is a bright and wonderful feeling. Everyone who is in love knows this, and remembers their love for the rest of their lives.

The colors of love are all around us. Where there is life, there is love

Wherever we look - in the tundra under the snow or in the depths of the water, high in the mountains or in the forest - everywhere we see bright colours of life in endless amount of shades.

Different nations and cultures around the world have also used beautiful, bright, and vivid colors in their folk costumes and to glorify the Creator in temples.

This is an ode to life. 

Our home planet Earth is a people's paradise. Even astronauts who go to space and are far away from home in dark space have burst into tears, seeing the beauty of our home planet in an infinite black emptiness. And man on earth looks at the shining stars of the starry sky, in awe of the Creator's powerful creation, of which he does not know or feel proud. 

The ancient Greek philosopher Homer: "There is really nothing in the world that is more noble and beautiful than a woman and a man who create a home together in one mind and in one love." 

Together they create a family, a woman and a man, together they enjoy it, and happily raise children. We have been given the gift of being a part of the Creator - to give life to a new person!