I was born in the 20th century in Pärnu, in the constellation of Pisces. The first paintings date from 1994. The first exhibitions were in 2001 at Ballymore Eustas in Ireland and in 2002 in Dublin. In 2002, my work was exhibited in Pärnu at the exhibition Man and Woman, then in 2008 in Abja-Paluoja and in 2009 again in Pärnu.

I love to paint. Going into the picture means to me a wonderful moment when time becomes irrelevant. The favourite subject is mankind, as it is extremely interesting and infinitely diverse painting subject, with its incredibly exciting inner world.

I paint all my pictures myself, I don't use kind helpers, "artistic" printing techniques or series of pictures for mass production. My teachers of painting and graphics have been Peeter Mudist, Lembit Sarapuu, Sigrid Uiga, Peeter Ulas, Concordia Klar and others.

I often think with deep gratitude to my teachers!